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For many years his clients have brought their business regulatory and criminal investigation problems to Jonathan.  They can now do so directly, without the need to instruct a solicitor first.

Direct access to a barrister can be faster and more cost effective.  In-house legal teams, accountants and other business professional intermediaries can find the service very helpful for their clients.  For further details see here

Jonathan offers advice and advocacy to those facing complex problems.  For further details on how he might be of assistance to you, see here

Jonathan’s clients have taken him into almost every area of commercial life.  For further details on the business sectors in which he has worked, see here

“It’s like you look in my heart and tell my story” (successfully acquitted Hong King client).  For further testimonials, see here.

Jonathan practises from 3 Raymond Buildings, Gray’s Inn, London, one of the premier Chambers in the country.  Link to his chambers website here

Advice Advocacy